Chattanooga's local bridal magazine

Let's start at the very beginning!


When Caressa Rogers graduated with a degree in education, she had no idea that she would be spending more time in the darkroom than the classroom. Don't get it wrong, Caressa loves kids and working part time as a substitute elementary school teacher, but her real passion is her photography business.

Caressa started Caressa Rogers Photography in 2009, and has been thrilled to be putting her creativity to use ever since.

"I love photography because it gives me an opportunity to enhance the precious moments that life brings," she says.

Caressa loves to draw inspiration for her photography from all her hobbies like cooking, traveling, and entertaining.


Amy Vitrano is currently working towards a degree in mass communications and graphic design. Amy hopes to one day make an impact with her natural knacks for people, style, and design!

"I've always had a knack for design and presentation, so it's exciting to see those skills translate into a elegant event or fun photo shoot," Amy says. "it's so rewarding to create a meaningful scene for someone's special day."

Amy recently established herself with her styling business, AVstyles, and has also been working closely with Caressa Rogers Photography to help stylize photo shoots.


Caressa and Amy both enjoy finding beauty in small simple moments and everyday people. They are thrilled to have this chance to collaborate and to share their inspiration with all of you.

Chattanooga's local bridal magazine featuring work from AVstyles & Caressa Rogers Photography. The magazine is Amy Vitrano and Caressa Rogers' latest creative collaboration. It inspires those reading with photos from real weddings, articles about picking your wedding dress and marriage advise from a local Chattanooga counselor.